Upstate Cycle Studio
187 Mill Street Suite #9 Liberty, NY 12754
845-292-BIKE (2453)

Studio Rules

  • Please wear proper attire! No flip flops or clothing that may get in your way or interfere with equipment. Cycle shoes or sneakers only!
  • No entering class once lights are off and class has started for safety purposes
  • No cell phone use during class! It’s rude to the instructor and distracting to fellow classmates. If you must use your phone please choose a seat in the back of the studio
  • Please have proper hygiene! There is a lot of sweat going on in this room and deodorant is essential! Everyone appreciates this!
  • Positive vibes only, check your negativity at the door!
  • Be safe: Listen to your instructor, ask for help, and LISTEN to your body!
  • We encourage participation so if you want to sing…LET IT OUT!
  • Please speak with your instructor about any questions or concerns you may have before or after class. We are all very approachable and want your experience to be the best possible!
  • Please clean the equipment after use, if you are unsure as to how to clean properly, ask an instructor.